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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

RAM, hard drive, DVD all arrived within the last 18 hours.

Only thing left is the motherboard and CPU, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

As Al Bundy would say, let's rock.

Or was that Ted Bundy, let's eat?

Oh I forget.

Chris 2:15 PM [+]

Monday, May 05, 2003

Ok, just so you RSFCKers know...

My news server is having major poopy problems right now, because Everest KC the low budget cable company here in KC is low budget and they rent out Usenet service from whatever newsgroup service that is that pastes those gawd-awful ad signatures on my RSFC posts... I lost this sentence somewhere, but the point is I can't get in except for Google which um, I can't stand when I have Xnews sitting here with nothing to do but whine about "411 no such news group"

So anyway, the KC tornadoes did not get me at all, if you want to pass on the message that I did not perish in an exploding mobile home Deke Arndt skateboarding shit storm, I'd appreciate it.

PS some FedEx guy just delivered me the ATI Radeon card, the rest of the parts come in tomorrow and Wednesday. Double w00ts.

Chris 5:44 PM [+]

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Well Saturday is the last day of the week for my new 'job. It's easy. Easy money. I'll be living happy for a while now.

I got a Playstation 2 last weekend, used my training check for that. I haven't owned a game system since the original Nintendo back in 1988 or so. I'm amazed at how good I am at some of these games. I haven't played them at all and the complicated controller the Playstation 2 has now seems very natural to me. It's unsettling. Maybe it's my relatively young age, part of the generation of technically minded kids, perhaps it's just good luck showing up in the most useless avenue of life: computer games you play by yourself late at night.

Anyway, I already have NCAA Football 2003 and I'm enjoying using KSU to smack the everloving Baby Jesus out of the unnameable 1-AA teams on it. Yeah, the game has 1-AA teams, with made up colors and mascots, just to accomodate KSU customers such as myself. EMAW, baby... EMAW.

This past week I also finally ordered the parts for my new AMD box. I can finally ditch this dinosaur in the ocean where it belongs. Toshiba laptop gonna sleep with the fishes. Well, not really. It's gonna sleep on the family computer desk. I will have the system that rules, they will have the system that dr...(HD trashing noise)... oo.... (more HD trashing noise, more grinding this time) .... lll .... (real slow screen redraw as the HD trashes) ... s. (screen finally shows the letters I typed in on the keyboard five minutes ago).

Flame away.

Chris 2:22 AM [+]

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