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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I can't stop spending money.

I now have a webcam.

I now have a wireless keyboard and mouse.

And now, I have a new 5.1 speaker set with a subwoofer so loud it blows the clothes off of women (hey to Seth Green).

I'm turning into a woman at a shoe store.

Is there any hope for me?

Chris 5:22 AM [+]

Sunday, May 18, 2003

On the first day the computer parts were ordered from discount dealers on the Internet. And Chris looked upon the order confirmation printouts and it was good.

On the second day the orders were processed and sent to Fedex and UPS. And Chris looked upon the confirmation emails and it was good.

On the third day Chris noticed the order for the ASUS motherboard had the wrong address listed. Chris called up the customer service number on his lunch break and fixed the problem, and then it was good.

On the fourth day the Fedex and UPS tracking numbers were in the inbox of Chris and he checked their status for the first time, and noticed that the delivery dates were good.

On the fifth day the ATI Radeon arrived, as well as the Antec case and the Sony DVD drive. Chris opened the packages and stored them neatly in the closet, all good.

On the sixth day the rest of the parts arrive except the motherboard and the CPU. It was so good it was almost perfect.

On the seventh day the motherboard and CPU arrived, and it was a day of rest and celebration. The Silicon Sabbath, Sunday Building Sunday had arrived. Chris molded his computer out of dust, breathed life into it and was glad, and gave it the computer desk to live its days in and be prosperous and fruitful. And AMD was content.

But AMD was lonely, and needed a companion. So while AMD was asleep, Chris took a small digital rib and loaded XP to keep AMD company. And AMD called it "Windows" as it would be the beginning of all computing to come in the Desktop Of Eden.

Chris 5:04 AM [+]

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